Fruitful threads | VfmK, Vienna

In her multimedia works, the performative knotting and connecting becomes artistic mnemonics, an individual, collective and, above all, transgenerational memory work. Silvina Der-Meguerditchian arranges living archives from lost stories, things and objects, creates textures of memory, which, as material for new affiliations, open up scope for a more hopeful future and a different coexistence.


While the works of Der-Meguerditchian have been shown in numerous international exhibitions and at biennials in the recent years, this publication for the first time offers the opportunity to present the artist's diverse work as a cohesive narrative. The “Fruitful Threads” catalog picks out three groups of works with different media and describes works that are of great social relevance due to current social changes, but also in the context of discourses such as “memory culture”.


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