Heroes (2015)

VIDEO 4:34 min
Concept and Editing: S. Der-Meguerditchian
Footage: TV broadcasting from the final fight between Martín Karadagian and „The Mumie“ in the Luna Park, Buenos Aires , 1975 (source youtube )
Music: Enrico Caruso, Pagliacci – Vesti la Guibba, historical recording (approx. 1910s - 1930s)
Martín Karadagian was a professional wrestler. He was born in Buenos Aires to a Spanish mother and Armenian father. He learned Greco-Roman wrestling when he was a child and won his first national championship in 1947.
Karadagian became famous for his recurring role in the wrestling television show „Titans in the ring“, which aired intermittently from 1962 to 1983 in Argentina . The series became popular elsewhere in Latin America.  The wrestling show was conformed by charachters inspired in history and dealed mainly  with the conflict between good and bad.

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