Armenoscope | trailer

he Argentinian-Armenian- German artist Silvina Der Meguerditchian invites a group of artists to meet for the first time in Turkey to think about how the political and social changes taking place in Turkey and Armenia influence their attachments and affiliations. Relationships to the “old land” and the “new” Republic of Armenia play a crucial role in any constitution of “Armenianness”. Both reference pillars, the Republic of Turkey (almost empty of its Armenian population) and the former Soviet Armenia, have been going through large social transformations for the last twenty years. Both places constitute important “longing re/sources” for the group... Hundred years after their ancestors were expelled from their homes the granchildren come back to do an exhibition and investigate how language, historical facts and art shape their sense of togetherness.

Direction: Silvina Der-Meguerditchian
Camera und Editing: Silvina Der-Meguerditchian und Héctor Gonzalez

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